Sunday, December 29, 2013

Not Your Average Horse

Not your average horse or runner for that matter.

Race horses tend be strong, lean, and built for speed like Thoroughbreds or Arabians. The majority of runners tend be lean or at least pretty light weight. I on the other hand tend to weigh a bit more. Using the horse analogy I would say I am built more like a work horse also known as Coldbloods. Most people think Clydesdales, Belgians, or Percherons, but I prefer Jutlands.

Every so often I get reminders that I am not built like your average ultra runner or regular runner for that matter. The most recent reminder being that my Christmas present, the Ultimate Direction PB Adventure Vest, just isn't big enough for me. It comes in two sizes, S/M or M/L, and after reading reviews that said the larger size ran large I figured I would be alright. Then again I think the biggest chest size listed by reviewers was 39''. I have a 45'' chest and the vest is listed up to 41'' so I took a chance.

It just didn't work out for me. I may try to exchange it for the Ultimate Direction SJ Ultra Vest, which gives me 2 more inches in the chest, but not sure about it. I really do want to get a hydration vest with the bottles up front though. I really like Saloman S-Lab Advanced Skin Hydro 12 Set Pack, which goes up to 46" chest, but not willing to pay $185. I had been eying UD vests for awhile waiting for them to go on sale so when they did I seized the opportunity. I will be following the Saloman vest waiting for it to go on sale as well. My biggest hesitation with it is the black color as black really attracts the sun and the heat kills me. I will still probably take a chance on the Saloman vest though.

I hope you run happy no matter what type of horse you are and that all your tack fits and works well for you.

Run Like a Horse,

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