Monday, December 23, 2013

Long overdue 2012 Running Year in Review

I know it is almost an entire year late, but here is my 2012 Running Year in Review. First by the numbers: 24 races(one 100 miler, one 70 miler, three 50 milers, one 34 miler, three 50Ks,  one 28.4 miler, one 26.5 miler, two 30Ks, one half marathon, one 10 miler, one 16K, one 10K, one 4.6 miler, five 5Ks, and one 1 miler) and 599.4 race miles for career totals of 231 races, 49 ultras, 21 marathons, 27 half marathons, 11 DNFs, and 3580.9 race miles. The 599.4 race miles are the most I have ever run in a year and chances are good will probably be the most I will ever run in a year in my lifetime.

2012 was my most triumphant year. I overcame all obstacles while accomplishing all but one of my running goals for the year and it pretty much went according to plan. Here's a look at my goals and how I fared with them.

7. Be about 10 lbs lighter than I was at most points of the past year
This is the only goal I didn't complete. My 2012 weight was lighter than my 2011 weight for that same date all year, but once my weight got lower it was not 10 pounds lighter than the previous year. My lowest weight of the year came on 25MAY at 209 pounds.

6. Officially finish the central section of the Baker Trail 50 Mile
Mission accomplished. It was a hot day and therefore a rough day. At some of the points where I wasn't doing well I took time to run with friends. I finished it though and knew I was better for it. 

5. Get into and finish the 50th anniversary of the JFK 50 Mile
I did get into and finish the 2012 JFK 50 Mile. It was my second fastest 50 miler I have run and faster than my other 2 JFK finishes by almost 30 minutes. For being a 50th anniversary of the race they really didn't have much that was special about it or separated it from previous years. I am happy to have done my last flat marathon running stretch along the C&O and I do not plan to return again unless I get bored or nostalgic.

4. Finish the Laurel Highlands 70 Mile and redeem a previous DNF
Thanks in large part to running at a great conservative pace with my friend, Scott McCray, for the first 46 miles and the pacing/chasing of my friend, Eric Ripper, in my last 24 miles the Laurel Highlands 70 Mile felt like a breeze. Those factors and God's favor led to a PR by 1 hour 42 minutes.

3. Finish the year with Zero DNFs
God blessed my training and racing in ways I never could have imagined in 2012. Glory be to God that I finished every race I started this year. Not just that I finished every race, but I finished the races that meant the most to me strong.

2. Finish the Mountain Masochist 50 Mile and redeem a previous DNF
I completed this goal, but I will admit it took a little help. Hurricane Sandy dumped some snow that remained on the second half of the course where the elevation is higher. This prompted the RDs to give us a compassionate extra 30 minutes. I am very grateful as I needed 11 of those minutes to make this finish happen.

1. Finally finish a 100 miler at the Oil Creek 100s and redeem a previous DNF
This was "The Big One." As goal #3 suggests this came to fruition. The weather was perfect minus some rain at night. I didn't push. I went out slow and let the race come to me. It worked to perfection at Laurel and was equally effective at Oil Creek. My race strategy was Loop 1: Warm Up Loop - 8-9 hours. Loop 2: Stroll through the Park - 9-10(17-19) hours. Loop 3: Victory Lap - 10-11(27-30) hours. Going Home Loop: The Celebration 2-3(29-33) hours. It was amazing how God blessed me. My times stayed right inside these ranges the entire race and made for a great race and a triumphant finish. It was especially meaningful to accomplish this on my home course with so many of my friends running or volunteering. My wife was volunteering and she know's how much it meant for me to finish and how special it was for her to be there.

Thanks for reading this way overdue review.

Run Like a Horse,

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