Monday, February 6, 2012

2012 Running Goals

Better late than never. As I mentioned I have been busy with work and life so far this year.

I don't do resolutions and I encourage others not to either. Once a resolution is broken it is done and over, but goals are something you can keep pursuing and working towards.

Without further ado here are my 2012 running goals in order of priority from least to greatest.

7. Be about 10 lbs lighter than I was at most points of the past year
Priority: Low
I know it may be a surprise that this is a low priority, but I am not really worried about my weight. That said I do know I can ran faster and easier if I weigh less. I will be happy to see progress and that is what this goal represents. Last year I started back into fitness routine on 21MAR weighing 232. My lowest weight of the year was on 11OCT at 213. Currently I weigh 220.

6. Officially finish the central section of the Baker Trail 50 Mile
Priority: Medium low
In 2009 I finished this section, but did so unofficially. I got lost on the way there and didn't start till 2 hours after everyone else. It took me 25 miles to catch an aid station before they shut down and packed up so there was no record or proof of me having run the first 25 miles. This year I want to "officially" finish and earn my rolling pin for having completed all 3 sections.

5. Get into and finish the 50th anniversary of the JFK 50 Mile
Priority: Medium
JFK was the 2nd ultra I ever completed and the first one I ever ran. It is not often you get to run in the 5oth running of an event and this being a 50 miler makes it neat as well. I have completed it twice before, but I would love to do it again on the 5oth anniversary.

4. Finish the Laurel Highlands 70 Mile and redeem a previous DNF
Priority: High
I have attempted Laurel 3 times and 2 of those times the Laurel course combined with the heat have bested me. The only year I successfully completed the course I was aided by 30 plus miles of rain to keep me cool and the temperatures down. I intend to even the score this year even if I can't completely redeem my last DNF as it included the 7 mile detour because of the bridge over the turnpike being replaced.

3. Finish the year with Zero DNFs
Priority: High
As an adult I never failed to complete a race until 2007 when Laurel humbled me for the first time and Masochist got me later that year. 2008 was a learning year with 3 DNFs, 2009 was a great year with only 1 DNF, 2010 saw me take some lumps with 3 DNFs again, and only 1 DNF last year. I want to return to perfection this year and break the streak of years with DNFs and the 3-1-3-1- cycle.

2. Finish the Mountain Masochist 50 Mile and redeem a previous DNF
Priority: Very High
Masochist remained outside my grasp after I failed to complete it in 2007 until this past October at Tussey. I always said I would have to run a sub 11 hour 50 miler to feel I would be able to complete Masochist since Masochist is actually a 54 miler. At Tussey I ran 10h18m and now have the confidence to able to redeem my DNF at Masochist.

1. Finally finish a 100 miler at the Oil Creek 100s and redeem a previous DNF
Priority: Off the charts!
3 hundred mile attempts resulting in 3 DNFs including 1 at Oil Creek. For me to feel "successful" as an ultra runner "I" NEED to complete at least one 100 mile race. This for me is what defines "my" running career. I want to be able to say I have completed a 100 mile race. Oil Creek is pretty much my hometown ultra and it would be especially fitting for my 100 mile finish to come there.

Run Like a Horse,