Monday, October 17, 2011

Running Retirement is OFF

Originally written 22DEC2007

Who needs it? I don't! Let me say "Congratulations" and "Yes, you told me so!" for all you who said I would never retire to half marathon distances and below after 2008. Maybe deep down I knew it too, though I honestly thought I might be able to retire someday. Originally I pushed it back to 2010, but I have now come to realize there will always be another race to run and challenging courses to be conquered. I'll save retirement for if/when I am disabled or when I don't enjoy it anymore, though I pray neither ever happens especially the latter.

There are too many great races, courses, and trails yet to be explored. It is mostly the trails part that is responsible for my change of heart. For me the trail running and the ultra running community is so much more friendly. People are less all about themselves and rushing through the race as fast as they can. Oh there are still some like that, but it is not near as prevalent as it is in road marathons. The smaller starting fields in ultras and trail races also seem to add a bit more personal care and touch to the experience.

To be honest though it is the trails themselves I really love. There are more obstacles on trails, but your body doesn't take near the pounding it does on asphalt or pavement. Trail runners have longer running careers than road runners. Trail races provide you with stunning and pristine landscapes, views, wildlife, and a bit of an escape from it all. Try one sometime, but be sure to take the time to breath in the fresh air, look around, and enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty they have to offer.

P.S. I love trails!

Run Happy,

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