Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Winter Running

How has your Jan/Feb running been? Did you end December with a bang, but begin the year with a dud or a thud? Maybe your running has been consistently GOOD so far this year like mine. It may come as no surprise to anyone that whenever my running is consistently good through the winter my running year is really strong.

Consistency is the key here. Notice I did not say your running needs to be strong in the winter. Strong is a relative term. In comparison to our running the rest of the year our winter running is not usually as strong, though you could argue we sometimes have to be strong to run in the winter months. Consistently good running though the winter will make you a stronger runner come the rest of the year.

Maybe injuries have put you on the sidelines and now you have taken too much time off or your just starting to recover. I had this problem last winter. It wasn't until March that I started to get back into it and then due impart to poor training the first part of the year I got injured again. Here again being consistent is the key. When we are steady with our training throughout the year, especially in winter, but without over training, then our chance of and frequency of injuries decreases. Another huge factor for strong running and preventing injuries in winter is strength and core training. As our running decreases some in winter it is a great time and almost a necessity to supplement our running with strength and core training.

If you have been in hibernation mode and now find yourself saying "Oh crud!" about that upcoming spring or early summer race it will be alright. We can't change the past. All we can do is move forward from here. Ease back into it and simply be consistently good in your training. Sign up for a race to give yourself a goal and target to work towards. Buy some new gear that you will need to get out and run in. Just don't point fingers at me when your spouse asks what your spending money on now.

I am not saying that running in the winter is easy, but like most things that are challenging it is worth it. I have found myself trundging(trudging + running) through the snow a lot this year, but I have been consistent and I fully believe 2014 is going to be great running year for me. I hope your training has been consistently good and you have a great year too. Thanks for reading.

Run Like a Horse,

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